Becoming a CYCT Member 1-2-3

1. The first step to becoming a member of CYCT is to fill out a member application form, which you can download here, and mail it to CYCT along with your check at the following address:

CYCT Membership Committee
5624 Marine View Drive
Tacoma, WA 98400

See “Price of Membership” to determine your Initiation Fee and prorated Annual Dues.

If you are being sponsored by a CYCT member, your sponsor will be able to provide you with a member application form and deliver it for you, along with your check, to the Membership Committee. Just ask them.

2. Your membership application will be reviewed by CYCT’s Board of Trustees after which you will be contacted and informed of the Board’s decision.

3. If accepted as a member, you will be asked to attend the next General Meeting. At that meeting you will be introduced to the membership, inducted as a member and given various materials including CYCT’s burgee. We will also ask you to stand for a photograph to be published in The Mainsheet, CYCT's newspaper.