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Ranger Regatta III – Need Skippers and Boats

Ranger Regatta Agenda

We are less than a month away from the Ranger Regatta III. Everyone is getting excited as we draw closer. Bill and I have spent quite a bit of time with some of the Rangers from Battalion in the last couple months and they are really looking forward to the event. We appreciate you all volunteering your time and boats.

We ask that you all register the boats on the following link. This will provide a head count for boats and those attending the luncheon as well as placing attendees properly. Bill and I will also need to know when you will be arriving so we can begin the dock plan.

If you have any contacts of other folks interested in volunteering - please let us know we are still looking for volunteers.

I have attached a copy of the agenda for the day. It is shaping up to be a really fun day!!

Please feel free to contact us if any questions or concerns.
Thank you very much again for your support!
Have a great week!!

Bill Foulk & Nancy Williams
Nancy: 253-549-5046
Bill: 253-241-7345

Volunteering Opportunity – Membership Chair

The CYCT member, or member couple, who occupies the Membership Chair position, is a member of the Board of Trustees, the governing body of CYCT. Since the beginning of 2015 the club has been without a Membership Chair and so the Board as a whole has taken over membership responsibilities.

Article VI, Section 10, of the by-laws, on page, 4, gives the complete and official description of the responsibilities of the Membership Chair and you can access the by-laws here.

The Membership Chair is responsible for recruiting new members and retaining existing members. Realistically, this means following up with people who have expressed an interest in CYCT, looking for ways to get the word out about our club and especially helping prospective members though the joining possess. You’ll help prospective members with everything from filling out a membership application to being inducted as a new member at a general meeting. Each new member receives a binder of information and a CYCT burgee, you’ll be responsible for ensuring those items are available to new members as well. Traditionally, the Membership Chair has also conducted the raffle that takes place at general meetings.

This is a great position, and a fun position, for anyone who’s outgoing and at least somewhat organized. The Membership Chair brings you into the inner circle of CYCT, you’ll meet lots of people and really get a sense for our great club.

As the new Membership Chair you will not be alone! The Past Membership Chair will be right by your side as will every member of the Board.

If you’d like to talk more about the Membership Chair position, please call CYCT Commodore Paul Case at 253-293-2161 or email him at