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Late Summer #1 2017

August 2 2017


2017 Class Choices

Class Choices
CYCT Racing Program

In order to provide racing programs that fit nearly all types of racers, from the more serious to the casual, from the experienced to the novice, CYCT has developed the following three “Classes” for each skipper to select. For scoring purposes, once you enter a series in a selected class, you must race in that series in the same class. There are other restrictions noted below, but if you have any questions, please contact CYCT’s Race Chairman.

PHRF Class: For those who are experienced racers or those looking to challenge themselves. This class requires your boat to have a valid PHRF Handicap, and races are handicapped based on your rating used in at Time-on-Time format. There is no restriction on the use of sails as long as the boat, sails, and gear are in the same configuration as your valid PHRF Handicap Certificate.

Challenger Class: For those who wish to step up from the Windseekers class, here is your chance. This fleet is for those who want to challenge themselves beyond Windseekers, utilize their spinnakers, and get a taste for handicapped racing. Because the intent of this class is to bring new racers along who will eventually compete in the PHRF Class, there are a few criteria to meet:

A. Either a valid PHRF Certificate OR, upon request, a CYCT club generated handicap will be acceptable. However, a rating developed by CYCT will not be valid in any other race series outside of those managed by CYCT. Our hope would be that each racer, upon receiving their handicap, would continue on and obtain a PHRF Certificate (Club will assist) that would be useable in races beyond CYCT. Cost for a PHRF Certificate is $55 for the year.
B. Boats entered in this class should be new to the fleet, have raced in the Windseekers Class the previous year OR, if they have raced in the PHRF Class the previous year, cannot have finished 3 place or higher in any series the previous year.
C. Boats in the Challenger Class may utilize their spinnakers or any other sail configuration for which they have been rated with.
D. Boats may choose to rate their boat without a spinnaker and still race in this handicapped fleet.
E. Unless there are more than (10) boats in the Challenger Class, there will be only one Division in the Challenger Class.
F. Because the intent of this class is to provide an environment for racer’s competition level to match their gained experience, upon review of results at the end of each year, the CYCT Race Chairman may recommend that a boat advance to the PHRF Class.
G. No boat shall be allowed to remain in the Challenger Class for more than (2) years / seasons.

Windseekers Class: Where it all started many years ago. For those just learning or who want to race in a more relaxed fleet. No rating required, the use of flying sails is prohibited, and where you finish is where you finished. And even if you cannot make it to the finish line, the committee will go back through the fleet and give you a finish – the legendary “HOC” (Horned on Course) finish.

2017 Race Book

Race Book

2017 General Instructions Part 1

2017 General Instructions Part 2

The General Instructions Parts 1 & 2 contain all info listed below.


Per Race Instructions

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Per Race Charts

Chart - Tacoma Area Buoy Locations 2017

Quartermaster Harbor Race

Chart Hbr Series 2 - Pt Ruston Race

Chart Hbr Series 3 - Zenith Harbor Race

Chart Three Hour Tour 1 - Manzanita Margarita

Chart Three Hour Tour 2 - Ruston Classic

Chart Three Hour Tour 3- Windseekers Awards

Chart - Vashon Challenge Course Sheet

Chart Pt Series 1 - Pt Robinson Race

Chart Pt Series 2 - Pt Defiance Race

Chart Pt Series 3 - Neill Point Race

Chart Pt Series 4 - Browns Point Race


2017 Race Calendar


Saturday January 21 Harbor Series #1

Saturday February 4 Harbor Series #2

Saturday March 4 Harbor Series #3

Wednesday April 12 Windseekers - Early Spring Series

Saturday April 15 Spring Single-hand

Wednesday April 19 Windseekers - Early Spring Series

Wednesday April 26 Windseekers - Early Spring Series

Wednesday May 3 Windseekers - Early Spring Series

Wednesday May 10 Windseekers - Early Spring Series

Wednesday May 17 Windseekers - Spring Series

Wednesday May 24 Windseekers - Spring Series

Wednesday May 31 Windseekers - Spring Series

Wednesday June 7 Windseekers - Spring Series

Wednesday June 14 Windseekers - Spring Series

Saturday June 17 Three Hour Tour #1

Wednesday June 21 Windseekers - Summer Series

Wednesday June 28 Windseekers - Summer Series

Wednesday July 5 Windseekers - Summer Series

Saturday July 8 Three Hour Tour #2

Wednesday July 12 Windseekers - Summer Series

Wednesday July 19 Windseekers - Summer Series

Wednesday July 26 Windseekers - Late Summer Series

Saturday July 29 Three Hour Tour #3

Wednesday August 2 Windseekers - Late Summer Series

Wednesday August 9 Windseekers - Late Summer Series

Wednesday August 16 Windseekers - Late Summer Series

Saturday August 19 Vashon Challenge

Wednesday August 23 Windseekers - Late Summer Series

Saturday September 2 Windseeker's Awards Race

Saturday September 16 Point Series #1

Saturday September 30 Point Series #2

Saturday October 7 Sailor's Memorial Single-hand

Saturday October 21 Point Series #3

Saturday November 4 Point Series #4

Neill Pt Race Cancelled

Corinthian Yacht Club of Tacoma has been informed by the United States Coast Guard that there is to be no Sailboat Racing on October 15th due to the predicted weather event. CYCT's Neill Point Race scheduled for Saturday, October 15th has been cancelled.

Eric Nelson