A Reminder to All CYCT Racers

To all skippers and crew participating in CYCT racing events,

It is imperative that all boats racing understand that all classes, PHRF, Challenger, and Windseekers, are racing under the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2017-2020  and COLREGS.  All boats are REQUIRED (and read this saying that the word 'REQUIRED" is capitalized) to follow these rules.  RULE #2 reads, and you do not have to read that far into the book.......:

A boat and her owner shall compete in compliance with recognized
principles of sportsmanship and fair play. A boat may be penalized
under this rule only if it is clearly established that these principles
have been violated. The penalty shall be either disqualification or
disqualification that is not excludable.

For some reason, some people are sailing with an understanding that the rules do not apply to CYCT's racing events.  Let me, as the Protest Chairman, make this extremely clear - not only are we sailing under these rules, but further actions by sailors infringing on the rules witnessed by CYCT race officials MAY be be penalized under Rule 69 "Misconduct".  The following is from the RRS 2017-2020:

Section 69.2 "Action of a Protest Committee

(h) When the protest committee decides that a competitor or boat
owner has broken rule 69.1(a), it may take one or more of the
following actions
(1) issue a warning;
(2) change their boat’s score in one or more races, including
disqualification(s) that may or may not be excluded from
her series score;
(3) exclude the person from the event or venue or remove
any privileges or benefits; and
(4) take any other action within its jurisdiction as provided
by the rules.

Our goal is to provide races that are challenging and fun for all boats participating.  Breaching rules which places boats or crew members in danger of damage or injury goes against everything that CYCT stands for as an organization and goes against the basic sailing principles of Corinthian sailing.

Also be reminded:

A) The course will be announced by radio at 6:30, 6:45, and 6:50

B) Do not ask questions of the race committee - all information is in the race book that can be pulled up on your phones

C) RC is under no requirement to respond to racer's request for information

Eric Nelson

CYCT Protest Chairman