Browns Pt. Race Results – Oct 31,2015

The morning started with a foreboding marine forecast. Winds 25-35 kts ... heavy rains.

Get to the start area was quick with following wind and waves. Not wanting to anchor off a lee shore we opted to set the start pin off Browns Point and Cool Kat went offshore to " hover". One by one ten boats appeared out of the rain. The rain got heavier; the breeze stronger. By the start the fleet thinned to four yachts, with the others opting to save gear and wear and tear. To our chagrin our line was moving , with the pin footing its way out into Dalco Passage. With the start horn imminent we went with the moving target.

Off to windward they went, and off we went to wrangle in the start pin. Finally Cyndi and I managed to wrestle the wayward mark aboard and set course for Thea Foss, from the vicinity of Tango Charlie. As we plodded on our course at 1-1.5 knots into the wind and waves around the point comes Constellation on a reach, charging hard for Manzanita. I picked up the mic to hail Constellation and ask them to record their finish time. At this rate we would be hard pressed to beat them to the finish line. I put the mic own and nudged the throttle a bit... I think I can.. I think I can. We made it... with time for me to swab the deck in the driving rain.

A fun thrilling race it was with Constellation and Kahuna finishing the 12.9nm course in under two hours, with Obsession and Les Cheveaux Blanc taking their divisions.


Browns Pt Race 2015 Results (pdf)