Sailors Memorial Singlehand Race – October 10th 2015

Sailors Memorial Singlehand Race
October 10th, 2015

Eligibility: Open to all boats that meet or exceed PlYA category III. Furthermore all participants must wear Personal Flotation Devices (life jacket) above decks at all times.

Registration: Skippers must have a registration form on file with the Race Committee for year 2015. All race fees must be in the possession of the Race Committee.

Scoring: This race in keeping with long-held tradition will be scored as a "Windseeker" class race and flying sails will not be allowed.

Skippers Meeting: Skippers meeting will be held 1000 at the CYCT Clubhouse Tyee II.

Start Time: Scheduled first warning at 1115

Course: The course will be sailed in Commencement Bay with a combination of existing buoys and temporary set marks and the course for the day will be called at the Skippers meeting one hour prior to the start, matching the current conditions to an appropriate course. The Race Committee will also announce the course 15 minutes before the start on VHF radio, channel #68. There will be one start.

Time Limit: Time limit is three (3) hours from the start.

Shortened Course: Course may be shortened at any mark by the Race Committee flying code flag S, and announcing on VHF channel #68.

Finishing: At the discretion of the Race Committee, the RC boat may motor back through the fleet and finish boats as they stand on the course.

Awards: Awards will be presented at the Awards Race September 2016.