CYCT Windseekers Awards Race – September 5th

Eligibility: Open to all boats that meet or exceed PlYA category III.

Registration: Skippers must have a registration on file with the CYCT Race Committee for year 2014.

All race fees must be in the possession of the Race Committee. Skippers participating in PHRF classes must have a valid PHRF membership Certificate to participate. Windseeker classes are NO-FLYING SAILS. Any Windseeker class boat flying a spinnaker (free flying sail) will be disqualified.

Start and Finish Area: The start area will be off the Tyee Marina.

The finish area will be off the entrance to the Thea Foss Waterway.

Skippers Meeting: A skippers meeting will be held the morning of September 5th 1000 at the CYCT Clubhouse Tyee II Marina and repeated on VHF 68 15 minutes prior to the first warning.

Check In: Before the start of the days racing, it is required that each yacht sail by the Race Committee Boat Starboard side to Starboard side and hail with their sail numbers. A boat that withdraws or retires shall contact the Race Committee at the earliest opportunity by VHF 68 or by hail.

Scoring: The Time-on-Distance method will be used for PHRF handicapping.

Start Time: Scheduled first warning for all three races is 1100.

Time Limit: Time limit is three hours (3) from start of each class start.

Course: After starting off the Tyee Marina Round the temporary "Madrona Mark" to Port then sail back to Tyee Marina taking the start pin to Port then proceed back to the "Madrona Mark" taking the mark to Port then finish of the entrance of the Thea Foss Waterway. Distance for PHRF handicapping is 4.8 NM.