Volunteering Opportunity – Cruise Host

Each year CYCT will sponsor ten cruises and every cruise needs a Cruise Host, someone to choose a location and plan events.  Your contact couple for this volunteering opportunity are Fleet Captains-Cruising Rich and Angie Morales.

Probably 60% of a Cruise Hosts job is done just by choosing a location and getting CYCT members together.  Our sailors tend to have a good time all by themselves. Adding a cruise theme, ideas for games, planning some food and beverage ideas, etc., is icing on the cake!

If you’ve ever hosted a party, you’ve got what it takes to host a cruise!

Rich and Angie will be happy to help you with specifics such as your budget, how to choose a location, getting the word out and more.

Hosting a cruise is fun!

Call Angie Morales:  253-335-4589