Sailing Instructions: Gig Harbor Race, February 14th 2015

Corinthian Yacht Club of Tacoma
Harbor Series #2


1.1 Rules: The race will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.

1.2 Eligibility: Yachts must meet or exceed PIYA category III safety requirements. Yachts racing in PHRF must be paid members of PHRF-NW and be on file with PHRF-NW. Windseeker class boats must be a minimum of 18 feet LOA (Length Over All).

1.3 Individual Recall Windseeker: Windseeker class boats (NFS) individual recalls will not be called. If On Course Side (OCS) the yacht will be considered racing and two points will be added to the score of that race. This changes RRS 29.1. Furthermore you have no grounds for redress: This changes RRS 62.1 (a).

1.4 Individual Recall PHRF: Individual recalls for PHRF class boats, the race committee may attempt to hail by name(s) and or sail number(s) of those PHRF class boats recalled. Failure to do so, the timing of the hails, the order of the hail, the failure to hear the hails or any other issue associated with the hails, will not constitute grounds for redress: This changes RRS 62.1(a).



2.1 First Warning:

First Warning for PHRF class yachts 0955

First Warning for Windseeker class yachts 1000

2.2 Class Flags

PHRF #1 Pennant

Windseeker Windseeker Burgee



4.1 Start Line: Start line is between a temporary Orange mark and the orange flag on the race committee boat anchored in the vicinity of the Browns Point Lighthouse.



5.1 Course: After starting proceed in a Westerly direction towards Gig Harbor

Then leave a Yellow Temporary Mark located off the Gig Harbor Lighthouse to Port

Then finish off the entrance to the Thea Foss Waterway

Race can be called short at the Gig Harbor mark.

See chartlet below



6.1 Finish Line: The finish line is between the Dolphin at the entrance to the Thea Foss Waterway and the orange flag on the Race Committee boat anchored or tied on the West side of the Thea Foss



7.1 Time Limit: Six hours (6) to the finish line (Thea Foss)



8.1 Scoring PHRF: Scoring for PHRF boats will be time-on-distance. 12.1 NM will be used as the full course distance

8.2 Scoring Windseekers: Windseekers will be scored as they stand “boat-for-boat” in their brackets. Furthermore, they may be Horned-On-Course (HOC) as they stand at the discretion of the race committee with no grounds for redress: This changes RRS rule 62.1(a)

8.3 Series Scoring: For the Harbor series scoring there will be no exclusions for the series standings: This changes RRS rule A2

8.4 Did-not-finish: A yacht that did not finish (DNF) will be scored the number of finishers in that race, plus one (1): This changes RRS rule A2

8.5 Series tie breakers: Tie breakers for a series tie(s) will be broken by the last race. If still tied the next to last race will be the tie breaker, or on to the next last race until all ties are eliminated: this changes RRS A8.1, A8.2


9. Protests and Penalties

9.1 Penalties at the time of the incident:

The first two sentences of rule 44.1 are changed to : “A boat may take a One-Turn-Penalty when she may have broken a rule of Part 2 or rule 31 while racing. However, when she may have broken a rule of Part 2 while in the Zone around a Mark other than a starting Mark, her penalty shall be a Two-Turns Penalty.”

9.2 Arbitration

An arbitration meeting will be held prior to a protest hearing for each incident resulting in a Protest by a boat involving a rule of part 2 or rule 31, but only if each party is represented by a person who was on board at the time of the incident. No witnesses will be permitted. However, if the arbitrator decides that rule 44.1 (b) may apply or that arbitration is not appropriate, the meeting will not be held, and if a meeting is in progress, it will be closed.

Based on evidence given by the representatives, the arbitrator will offer an opinion as to what the protest committee is likely to decide:

(a) the protest is invalid,

(b) no boat will be penalized for breaking a rule, or

(c ) one or more boats will be penalized for breaking a rule, identifying the boats and the penalties.

If a boat asks to withdraw her Protest, the arbitrator may act on behalf of the protest committee in accordance with rule 63.1 to accept the withdrawal.