Race Results – Quartermaster Harbor, Jan 31, 2015

Yeah... It was one of those dark, dank foggy mornings in the Pacific NW. The kind that makes you want to stay in your nice warm bed. After hitting the snooze a couple times... it occurred to me ... “Hey let’s have a sail boat race.” So off I went, dressed to ward off the morning chill with my thermos of coffee.

The Romeo Charlie crew of Zak, Cindy and myself set off to Browns Point where we rendezvoused with “Salty Quacker” with her crew of Ross and Billy. They took the turning mark and headed towards Burton in Quartermaster Harbor.

Twelve boats assembled on the starting line, six PHRF, six Windseekers. The start went off without a hitch, with boats in both classes at the line at the start. Light winds prevailed with a favoring current.

Soon the fleet disappeared into the fog to find their way to Manzanita while navigating around the Deep Draft anchored in the entrance to Quartermaster. After quite some time Billy called to let me know the fleet was in sight with Constellation’s rounding eminent. So we repelled our boarder (a relation of Zak’s had come out to help with lightening RC by ridding her of some liquids). We hauled anchor to go set the finish line at Thea Foss.

As the fog and mist lifted we spied Constellation with her big A sail up reaching for the finish with Dire Straits and Jeopardy in pursuit. They finished in that order with Constellation far enough ahead that the others would be unable to timeout over her. Dire Straits’ impressive performance left this RC looking forward to the next race.

In the Windseeker’s division, Gremlin lead the fleet with a 1st in section and fleet. Way to go Brandi and Troy.

Next up is Race #2 of the series, Gig Harbor, February 14th. Hope to see you all there.  Following that is #3, Zenith Harbor, February 28th.

Upcoming on Wednesday, April 1st, is our Rules of Racing Seminar. This year it will be held at Johnny’s in Fife.

Our special guest speaker will be Charlie Macaulay; “Boat of the Year Absolutely”, from CYCS. He has asked for us to submit questions you would like to address. Please forward your questions to me at drkimball@comcast.net .

Let’s go racing!

Don Kimball
CYCT Racing Chair
S/V Kool Kat

2015 Quartermaster Harbor Race Results