Sailors Memorial Singlehand 2014 Race Results

What a wonderful day for sailing. 5-12 knots of wind for the most part, some higher gusts 18-20 tops, some rain to keep the dust down and enough sunshine to keep it all warm and bright.

We split the fleet into two divisions by the amount of furniture aboard, Heavy and Light. The race itself was a tour of the Bay, starting off the Log Storage Lot then proceeding up to the Temporary mark at the Madrona Trees, sailed as a close reach with a freighter from the Marshall Islands conducting fire drills, spraying water all over and anchored in the way. The second leg took the boats to the Lobster shop mark off Ruston Way. this was the slowest leg on the day sailed as a weather leg with the mark in a bit of a dull-spot. Third leg was a fast reach once away from the Ruston side and out into the Bay to the Blair Mark. Next leg took the boats to the Hylebos mark sailed as a run with most running Wing-N-Wing. A tricky leg always this one as the Hylebos requires finesse to obtain in a fast manner. Last leg was a short leg on a   close reach to the finish line. Times were very fast with Velocity Made Good (VMG) all over 5 knots. All in all a fine test for Single-handed Seamanship.

Congratulations! to all that hit the start line and to those that tried. I know Phoenix gave it a good go but her engine let her down at the dock. Wild thing stayed tied to the dock claiming it was the best thing to do. I know that feeling, one of the best cruises I ever took was spent tied to the dock for two days while it all went a stormy and wet out there.

As we pulled race marks aboard Romeo Charlie we saw Naughty By Nature out for a day sail after finishing and the stern of Mystic as she headed (we assumed) to Gig Harbor for the night. Single-handed...Gene on Mystic however had Luke his faithful standard Poodle as crew.


Race Results Sailors Memorial Singlehand 2014