Race Report Summer! #1

Race Report

Windseekers Summer #1

          Summers here, don’t miss it, unless you are cruising. Our fleet was down a bit, 31 boats hit the start line short from our season high of 38. I know of a few boats that are out cruising or racing in a different state, all good excuses.

The race I called was set for a short weather leg to a mark way off the U.S.Army dock and it looked like I missed by a long way as the wind off the bank was filling a lot of pretty nylon at the first start gun. The potential drifter ensued. But wait! The Tyee typhoon came in filling the bottom of the bay with that wind we have come to love as the rest of the bay went mirror flat. Headsails broke out and the nylon came down. This race put an emphasis on gear changes.

The PHRF splits remain the same; the brackets have been called with the following moves:

Phoenix                                 B

Shockwave                            A

Naughty by Nature                 D

Gallia                                    D

Tatoosh                                 C

Milagro                                  E

The racing itself was very tight in some divisions most notable among many was Windseekers E as 2 minutes and 38 seconds was the difference between 1st and 5th place.

Race Results Windseekers Summer 1 June 18th 2014


See you on the water,