Windseekers Race Results Spring 3 2014

Race Report

Windseekers Spring #3


            The race started in rain, moderate wind and a dark gray sky. It held twilight captive and when the sun went down, it went black. All of the PHRF fleet crossed before the black fell. Most of the Windseekers were horned on course by Romeo Charlie probing the dark on her way to Browns Point to retrieve the far mark.

This race was stretched out in distance from #1 and #2 and the far mark set around the corner from Browns Point proved to be a slower proposition from when originally set. Another running start, not our plan, not intended, blame it on wind, commercial traffic and Sun at hand. A weather leg start is more traditional, but needs to be square or the prospect of fiberglass shards increase. Don’t worry, it’ll happen. But from our perspective on Romeo Charlie it was a dramatic start; Chutes up in PHRF and Wing-On-Wing for Windseekers.

Gardyloo took fleet line honors and held on for a corrected time win over Jeopardy. Constellation crossed behind Gardyloo but corrected to third in PHRF 1. PHRF 2 went to Special Purpose with First Dance in hot pursuit; Radiant took third in her first Windseekers of the year. PHRF 3’s fleet that went from four boats in Race #1 to NO boats in race #2 had a new participant in Dulcinea. And Dulcinea came away with an uncontested win and a seventh in the PHRF Fleet looking fantastic sailing a beautifully deep line under chute.

Something Special was the only boat in Windseekers to cross the line. We pulled the anchor when they and Obsession crossed and departed towards the Windseekers fleet and then it got real dark. Thirteen boats were HOC’d (horned on course) as they lay.

What’s amazing was the turn out. With weather conditions as bad as they were, we grew one boat from the week before. Temp dropped to 40 degrees when pulling anchors creating December breath in late April. But next week, the 30th, has a long range forecast of Sunshine and 70’s. Maybe that’s what we need to get the gang all out, just a little decent weather.


Race Results Windseekers Spring 3



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