Race Results Spring #1 2014

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Windseekers Spring #1

April 9th, 2014

Glorious, that’s the one word explanation of the first Windseeker of the year. Sunshine, warm for the most part, no rain and a Tyee Typhoon of 5 to 10 knots to sail in. A short course was called at the skippers meeting to match the two knot wind conditions at the time and it included a freighter in the way making it very Windseekeresk. The race ended with a beautiful sunset and no boat went back to their slip in total darkness.

Thirty-one boats crossed the finish line and thirty-two intended to hit the start line, that’s up from the twenty-four in 2013 and twenty-six in 2012 for the first Windseekers of the year. Thanks, the more the merry.

Gardyloo led the way home finishing the course Tyee to Blair Buoy and back in 19 minutes and 12 seconds for her first place finish. On corrected time Gardyloo held off Wild Thing by a mere 15 seconds for a first in the PHRF fleet. Wild Thing finished first in PHRF 3. In PHRF 2 First Dance held off Special Purpose for a PHRF class win.

In Windseekers the class brackets have been called. I don’t agree with everything but next week you’ll know who you are racing against and if I got it wrong it’ll be corrected for the next series. But in the end it’s your boat and how you sail that dictates which class you are in.

Windseeker class winners included Wayne Stewart and Phoenix after a long absence, great to see the “festive decked boat” out on the water. As an observer with a ring side seat it looked like Wayne was up to his old tricks snookering a few people on his way to a class B win with Phoenix.

A few more things, No commercial traffic at all, no collisions, smiles all around and the sounds of sailboats racing, Glorious!



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Race Results Windseekers Spring 1