OCTOBER 12th, 2013

            We raced Windseeker style, bracket racing, no handicap, boat for boat. The course called seemed a little long for the conditions of NO wind but hope (sailflow.com) was in the air. The start and finish line was placed North of the Barge Lot short of the Madrona trees which brought the neighbors out on their decks to view the start. The wind filled and the start went off on-time.

The first mark was across the Bay, the “Lobster Shop” mark, yellow, made of metal to be taken to Port. The leg to get there proofed to be a reach with wind that went forward and lightened as you approached the beach near the mark. Since the second mark was Blair Buoy at the bottom of the Bay the trick was to get off the beach and out into the Bay, to the wind and out of the current that tends to run to the Narrows on the Ruston side. Some did better than others and from the RC boat through binoculars it looked like the leads changed hands often on the Run to Blair.

Now the final leg from Blair to the finish, a weather leg, got a little tactical. Some tacked right on Blair, others sailed well past Blair almost heading to Hylebos before tacking. Had I been out sailing Discovery, I probably would have delayed the tack hoping to finish without another tack. The race is never to a mark on the course it’s always to the finish line. Well the boat that took line honors, Steve Wagner on Special Purpose tacked on the Blair mark. So much for my theory, at least I wouldn’t have been alone. Glenn Cowling delayed his tack and finished second on Something Special in Class A.  The final leg as the boats neared the finish line had another experience, fifteen knot gusts causing a few rail-downs and sudden bow movements to weather. Great Fun!

Twenty-three minutes separated first from last and all well before the three hour time limit. Alex Wigley in Perfect X has to be singled out; Alex had a conservative start (last) and nipped Dana Bachellerie-Gage aboard Radiant and Linda De Carlo on Wild Thing with the last bit of course taking a first place in class B. Rick Garrity on Blue Jay placed ahead of Ken St John sailing Naughty By Nature in class C (class Catalina) to round out the day.

It didn’t rain and the wind filled in perfectly, a wonderful day to be alive and remember.

Sailor's Memorial Singlehand October 12th 2013

Billy Carter

Race Chair

Corinthian Yacht Club of Tacoma