Windseekers Late Summer #2

Hey! That was cool. 42 boats finished! Well...we fudged, we let the time-limit run a little long. We were still pulling anchor anyway. After the "No Wind" race on July 31st this was just what we needed. Wind.Congratulations must go out to Don & Debbie on Red Splash taking a first-to-finish in the Windseeker fleet. Just three Wednesday evenings in the series and the year. Hope you can make them all.
The results for the July 31st race have been tweaked. We missed a boat, Slow Children At Play, the raw data however didn't and the spread sheet has been corrected. Blue Moon has moved from Windseekers to PHRF and that is now reflected as well.
Next up this weekend is Vashon Challenge. A Single-hand, Double-hand around Vashon. Skippers meeting is Friday the 16th, 1830 at Rock-the-Dock Pub.
AUGUST 17th, 2013
Eligibility:                   Open to all boats including multihulls with valid and current PHRF rating certificates. All boats must meet or exceed PIYA category III safety requirements.
Class:                          This is a Singlehand, Double-hand event. No observers are allowed on board.
                                    Boats also are classed as Spinnaker or No-Flying-Sails class boats.
Safety:                         Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s) must be worn above decks at all times.
Registration:               A completed registration form and appropriate funds must be in the possession of the CYCT Race Chairman by 1930 on Friday August 16th. If requested, registration and fees can be submitted at the starting line, with prior Race Committee approval.
Skippers Meeting        A skippers meeting will be held on Friday August 16th, 1830 at the Rock the Dock Pub & Grill, 535 Dock Street, Tacoma. Moorage is available at the time of this writing on the Dock in front of the Pub.
Class Breaks:             Class breaks; class flags and starting order will be announced at the skippers meeting and will be announced on VHF 68 prior to the first warning.
 Check in &
Check out:                  Before the start of the days racing it is required that each yacht sail by the Race Committee Boat Starboard side to Starboard side and hail with their sail numbers. A boat that withdraws or retires shall contact the Race Committee at the earliest opportunity by VHF channel 68 or by hail.
Start & Finish Area:  The start and finish will be off the Browns Point Lighthouse.
Start Time:                 First warning is scheduled for 09:55 AM.
Course:                       After starting, proceed North bound in Colvos Passage, next take a temporary buoy placed at Allen bank to Starboard then proceed South in East Passage, next leave the Three Tree Point Yacht Club Race Mark at point Robinson to Port then finish off the Browns Point light house. Distance for handicapping is 33 NM.
Shortened Course:    Course maybe shortened at any mark on the racecourse by the Race Committee by flying code flag “S”.
Race Chair CYCT