Windseekers Late Summer #1

Late Summer Race #1 had everything but wind. Two boats managed to finish, Gardyloo and Something Special, one in each fleet. It was a struggle, anybody can sail in wind but try nothing wind with wishy-washy currents! Congratulations! Results are attached.
Myself, I watched the last part of the race from the bar at the Cliff-house. The turn mark had been placed right under my chair 200 feet plus down. Saw Gardyloo fight to get around, then watched the rest of the PHRF fleet sweeping away from the mark that they thought they had easily made. The fight went on until Romeo Charlie pulled the pin.
August is here with the following races to come:
August 7th    Windseeker Wednesday Night
August 10th-11th    T-Town Sailing Championships
August 14th    Windseeker Wednesday Night
August 17th    Vashon Challenge, single-hand double-hand
August  21st    Windseeker Wednesday Night
August 24th    Three Hour Tour #2    Maritime Fest
August 28th    Windseeker Wednesday Night
See you on the water,
CYCT Race Chair
S/V Discovery