Windseekers Summer #3 Results

I've never seen so much excitement over last place. Five boats seemly "meld as one" finished in a 15 second white sail rush. Tha Gaol finished 3 seconds in front of Naughty By Nature giving Tha Gaol first in this race within a race. Six seconds of "The Naughty" came Gallia, five seconds the Cal772 crossed the line one second ahead of Milagro. The scores pen was shooting flames.
The rest of the fleet, thirty-six in total, weren't bored. Gardyloo with her crew back from match racing in California took line honors by what seemed like a big gap, but on corrected time their first to finish held up by a mere 4.5 seconds over Wild Thing. Something Special in a different start, different wind had an elapsed time just three minutes off of Gardyloo giving the Something Special a class win closely followed by Blue Moon with another fast elapsed time.
When I called this course I thought the time limit would be the biggest winner but the wind held. I also received a lot of postive comments about the RC work of late. Thanks.
The sun shined bright and all was right once again on a Windseeker Wednesday night.
Race Chair CYCT

S/V Discovery