Fun-On-Fridays II

 I must start by stating a fact, I've been busy as all hell. The consequence is a late sending of these race results attached. Nothing to serious, just my yearly inventory of the parts Department that I manage. It's over. I revert to my old saying, "Life sometimes gets in the way of sailing".
The Fun-On-Fridays II event was wonderful.We had ten boats including a Hobie 33 Zzzap flying a Royal Victoria Yacht Club Burgee making this an International event. The beach party Friday night was a lot of fun with great energy, good food and free beer with a beach fire for ambiance.Thanks to Soo Carter and Ross Demmel that manned the food hall and kept the beer cold. Special thanks to the Tyee Marina that allowed us some slips in Tyee II for overnighting.
Sometimes a sailboat race is totally at the whim of the weather and this one certainly was. Race #1 on Friday was a fairly square course and went off without a hitch, Grace E with mass boat speed took lines honors and corrected out in first. You can tell that the wind was up as the NFS Windseeker boats in real time lagged by just a couple of minutes. Race #2 we kept the same course but it was falling apart. The wind was backing and by the time the boats got to the weather mark the wind direction was 100 degrees off from the start of the first race. No need to fly a chute and the elapsed times on the same course all came down. Zzzap shaved more than 5 minutes off their race #1 time.
But the weather gods had more in store for us on Saturday. The course sailed for #3 & #4 were generally the same as the night before just a touch longer and we shifted the course to accommodate the shifting and dying breeze. In light air but still flying fast was Wild thing in Race #4 the slowest rated PHRF boat took line honors. But by the time race #4 was over the wind had gone. We waited. Postponed. Waited. We then pulled anchor and found a patch of wind form Browns Point to Jerry McKay's house. We had enough marks, anchors and lines and setup a second course and got the last three races off in light bit steady wind. Congratulations to our winners, Gary & Joy Ballentine sailing Tatoosh in the Windseeker fleet and Ed Jacobs, Linda DeCarlo and crew on Wild thing in PHRF. Special thanks to all that participated.
What's up next. Lots!
Windseeker Wednesday fires up again after our July 3/4th break. It's every Wednesday from July 10th thru August 28th.
July 27th is the Manzaniti Margarita the first race in the three hour tour series. Three races that have a three hour time limit and end in the Thea Foss Waterway. The other two races in the series are August 24th Maritime Fest and September 7th Windseeker Awards Race.
August (9th sorta) 10th & 11th is T-Town Sailing Championships. On the 9th it's Caribbean Steel Drums and boat arrival, beer garden. We've got the whole 1200 foot long dock rented! Saturday it's 7 races intended on two different courses one for PHRF boats and another for NFS Windseekers. I'll be the PRO on the Windseeker course and Mark Townsend from Longbeach Yacht Club in California will head up the PHRF and one-design course. Saturday after the racing it's a beer garden and Reggae band on the deck. Sunday it's four more races intended and an awards ceremony. Don't miss it. Sign-up now at
August 17th is Vashon Challenge, a PHRF singlehand, doublehand around Vashon. Are you up for the Challenge!
That should get us to fall.
Billy Carter
Race Chair CYCT
S/V Discovery
cell 206-240-7886