Windseekers Summer Series

The race on the 19th was a called short course in anticipation of a dying wind. It didn't and we put Romeo Charlie to bed that night in daylight.Not only did the wind velocity increase but it backed making the whole course a reach-fest and not one spinnaker was able to fly that night.
The race on the 26th was called long in anticipation of a steady wind. It did stay steady in direction making for a spinnaker run all the way from Browns Point to the Blair Buoy where the race was called short. But the wind speed dropped and the raced being called at Blair worked out just fine.
This Friday & Saturday is Fun-On-Fridays II and we'll be on the CYCT deck at 1800 with the first warning at 1900 party to follow. On Saturday it's a 1055 first warning. Can't wait.
Billy Carter

S/V Discovery