Windseekers Standings and Late Spring #4 Results

Great night for some, not so nice for the RC or the PHRF class boats in general.
The two different courses for Windseekers and PHRF boats looked like Race management perfection until the PHRF fleet got over to the other side of the Bay and it went all-a-drifty. As the calls for retirement came in we were fighting a 180 degree windshift pulling and resetting anchor in 20+ knot gusts off the Tyee Marina. You can see by the results that the Windseeker boats sailing in the Tyee Typhoon completed their course in short-order.
Big thanks for those boats that donated water to Romeo Charlie in our time of need! And a big thanks to Dulcinea and First Dance for pulling marks and getting Romeo Charlie inside the breakwater.
Next up: June 12     Windseekers Late Spring #5
               June 14-15 Fun-On-Fridays
               June 19    Windseekers Summer #1
               June 22    Summer Vashon
               June 26    Windseekers Summer #2
               June 28-29 Fun-On-Fridays II
Special note: to enter the ttown race on Aug 10 & 11
Race Chair CYCT