Fun-On-Fridays I

What a GREAT Race! Those that attended had a ball. The only major shortcoming was the lack of boats..Speaking for myself the RC work was superb. The wind was ideal for races #1 & #2 and cooperated for #3 thru #6 and it laid down in the middle of race #7 but had enough of a Tyee Cliff induced beach wind that those left standing finished. The beach fire Friday evening warmed us after sundown, the Burgers done to perfection and the beer cold. Doesn't get any better than this.
Results attached, and you can see that it was a fight for first that was decided by a tie-breaker. But I must say that everybody was a winner on this one. And I hope you can attend the next go round of Fun-On-Fridays II June 28th & 29th. Rumor has it that the Cal 20 fleet will be showing up and I'd love to have a Windseeker fleet. The work on the beach and the work on the RC for four boats compared to forty boats really doesn't increase that much. Believe me, we'd love to have a bigger fleet to score. I invite all to attend. The more the Merry.
Big thanks to my wife Soo that organized the beach side at CYCT Tyee II clubhouse and her assistants, Chef Ross Demmel, Debbie McAdams, Jerry Brennen, Linda DeCarlo, Ed Jacobs and our own Commodore Gary Ballentine.
RC had a big cast and many thanks must go out to Joy Ballentine running Mini-Tatoosh as the mark set boat on Saturday. Big thanks go out to Don Kimball on flags and anchor. My son Zak pulled marks and manned the horn and line-sighted. On Friday Joe Salz and Don McAdams made it happen with Romeo Charlie, getting her into position with marks inflated which enabled us to fire off the first start on time. There are many others that pitched in and lent a hand, thanks.
This is a great venue, just needs more boats. We are doing this again on June 28th & 29th. It's a new series and hopefully the winds of Commencement Bay will allow us seven glorious races in June sunshine. Please contact me if you are planning on attending. Skippers meeting Friday June 28th 6:00 PM at the CYCT Clubhouse Tyee II.
Billy Carter
Race Chair CYCT
S/V Discovery
206-240-7886 cell