Results: Early Spring 2013

Well...There wasn't a lot of wind for race #5. I guess we spent our wind allotment on races one through four. If the race had been held an hour earlier or over by the Blair buoy we might have gotten everyone around the course. Better luck with the wind gods going forward. Two boats however snookered their respective fleets.
In PHRF Steve Wagner sailing Special Purpose with Joe Salz and Ken Fine as crew either got real lucky or figured it out and turned left after crossing the start-line and wound up in wind. They rounded the top mark and we called them finished on a shortened course. Since no one else got within 300 yards of the top mark, I'd say a job well done.
In Windseekers we had one boat start, Chuck Queen single-handing Gypsy Queen, shortly after starting Chuck and his boat didn't turn left but stayed on Port tack to politely die along with a few PHRF boats that did start. Chuck was in good company. But alas Gypsy Queen never made it out of the shadows of the I-90 bridge/breakwater.
One memory to take away from this race was the laughter. We had it going, and it reverberated off the water and the cliffs.It was crazy. I can't remember ever having the giggles as much as last Wednesday night from you guys and gals hucking it up.. If we are to have no wind and adverse current let this be the measure of a fine night on the water.

Standings Spring Windseekers 2013

Windseekers Spring 5 May 8th 2013

Billy Carter
Race Chair CYCT
S/V Discovery

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