Windseekers Late Spring #1 May 15th 2013

Another light air race except this time the current swept everyone over the start line. If you where on the water you started. Much different thankfully than last weeks drifter. The race committee this time got to practice taking finish times as five boats finished. We also practiced the fine windseeker art of "Horning On Course" in the drizzle and dark on Commencement Bay. We "Horned" eleven Windseeker boats that stuck it out. Remember that this "Horning" can not take place until the PHRF boats are all off the course or their time-limit has expired. Results attached.
For the Late Spring Series we have new PHRF splits, 75 & Lower for PHRF A, 76-120 for PHRF B and 121 & Higher for PHRF C. The PHRF fleet has grown from nine boats on April 10th to fourteen boats that are expected to hit the start line this coming Wednesday. Great to see.
The Windseeker fleet now is comprised of twenty-one boats in five classes down from six classes in the Spring series. I'm sure this trend will reverse itself as the weather heats up.
The RC did a "Boo boo" with the race results on Spring #5. That has been corrected and the redo of Spring Race #5 along with the final-final standings are attached. It's the DNF DNS thing. Most of you were on the water sailing/drifting against current for over an hour but only four boats actually started receiving them a finish time, a HOC or the coveted DNF as opposed to the dreaded DNS. DNF is scored as the number of finishers plus one and DNS is scored as the number of starters in the series plus one. Big difference. Lets not have anymore of these.
Whats next?
Wednesday night Windseekers every Wednesday through August 28th excluding July 3rd for the holiday break.
Cutts Island Pirate Race, Memorial Weekend. A destination race from Gig harbor to Mayo Cove on day one and a race on day two in Carr Inlet passing by Cutts Island. Come raft up with our cruisers and your fellow racers.
Fun-On-Fridays, Windward-Leeward Buoy racing with a party Friday and Saturday evening. June 14th & June 15th.
Summer Vashon June 22nd
Fun-On Fridays II, Same as Fun-On-Fridays but for the dates, June 28th & 29th.
Manzanita Margarita July 27th, first in the three-hour-tour series.
TTOWN SAILING CHAMPIONSHIPS, For Windseekers, PHRF and one-design with a huge party! Check out the TTown website,  August 10th & 11th. We'll have two separate courses going on at the same time, one for Windseekers and one for PHRF, one-design. I can't wait! Check it out! Bring your Reggae shoes!
Vashon Challenge, Our classic sail around Vashon for single hand and double hand PHRF boats. August 17th.
Maritime Fest August 28th the second race in the three-hour-tour series.
That takes us through August!
Billy Carter
Race Chair CYCT

S/V Discovery