Race Results Windseekers Spring 2 April 17th 2013

Race Report


Spring #2 April 17th

        Red Jacket and Anomaly collided creating instant concern on the RC boat. Via VHF we got a picture that all persons involved were OK but the boats had damage. Boats dropping out to assist were Klatawa and Blue Moon with Melange and Something Special joining after completing their races. We had our hands full with communications on RC. Thankfully we got the all-is-well sign.


Jim Pierson and his boat Syzygy sailed their last race. Jim has been a long time stalwart of the Windseekers clan and he donated an old Windseekers Burgee that we will be using as the Windseeker class flag. Of course, as Jim’s skill set would have it he and Syzygy placed first in PHRF B. Last Race First Place. Syzygy has been sold but I don’t think Jim will have a problem finding a ride.


In PHRF A the fast boats showed up, Gardyloo and Tigger but it must have been a “J” night. Melange flew across the line 28 minutes and 25 seconds after the start. Jeopardy finished next and Grace E third, 2 minutes after Melange.


We haven’t called splits for Windseeker classes. I need another look. Next series will be easier. Blue Moon and Klatawa I gave redress for assisting. Big thanks for all that participated (33 boats) and a special thanks for all that rendered assistance. I hope we learn from this. Be safe out there.

Windseekers Spring 2 April 17th 2013




Billy Carter

Race Chair CYCT