Brown Point and Point Series Results

Browns Point 2012 started in adverse current and light wind. No one was close to being over early. Mister Current wouldn't let you. The old race start sequence of 10 minutes between starts would have been helpful. Boats struggled to be on time. From the never late to a start, team Gardyloo starting late, came the refrain from across the water " So that's what the back of your boat looks like". Heard a lot of laughter on this race.
The struggles with lack of wind continued on the beat/close-reach to the Blair Buoy then the wind started to fill in. By the time is was over all eighteen boats finished the complete two-lap course, with the last boat having almost three hours left on the time limit. No rain during the race and the wind stayed in that 8-12 knot speed range from noon on. War stories on the dock I'm sure had the wind speeds a bit higher.
I hope you found this Point Series a good test. All four races have their own flavor and challenges. This years Browns Point race was beautifully shrouded in Fall colors. Point Beals was a long distance sun-soaked light air affair. Command Point always a tactical challenge with a double dose of Dalco Passage and Colvos passage. Point Defiance proofs that you can sail to Gig Harbor without getting swept under the Narrows.
 All four races this year where virtually rain free. The rain started this Saturday when Soo & I powered back from Point Neill after pulling the last mark.
Next up is Winter Vashon December 1st.
Thank You for a great Point Series 2012,
Billy Carter
Race Chair Corinthian Yacht Club of Tacoma 2012-13

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