Parrot Head Cruise (pt 2)



The CYCT Labor Day Parrot Head Cruise

To Penrose Point State Park!


When to Head Over to Penrose Point State Park:

The Case’s will be leaving Tyee on Friday Aug 31th at 1:00 PM to catch the tide through the narrows. Anyone who would like to go over with us is welcome to meet us outside of Tyee.    If you think you might want to sail over together why don’t you shoot us an email and let us know, we’ll keep an eye out for you:   Otherwise, check the tide table and come over when you can.


Saturday Night, 7ish: 

Enjoy drinks, hors d’oeuvre and sing along with Don Taco in the Mermaid Lounge! This would also be a good time to check out the St John’s new mega yacht.  With any luck we’ll be singing along with Senior Taco and watching a beautiful sunset.


Sunday morning 11ish: 

Enter the Beer Can Boat Show!  Enter your design for this year’s Penrose Park Beer Can Race (These are actual beer cans, modified to your exacting standards) All beer can boats will be on display before the race and prizes will be awarded for the best …or at least most interesting, designs.  Note: If you don’t have time to pour your heart into a design before the cruise we will have supplies to help you fashion the perfect synthases between form and function before entry time.


Sunday 12ish:

Enter the two person dingy race!  Paddle an inflatable dingy around a course supervised by CYCT Fleet Captain of Racing, Billy Carter.  Have the best time and you’ll be crowned Parrot Head Dingy Racing Champion 2012!


Sunday 1:30ish:

Pot Luck.  Cheeseburgers in Paradise is the theme. Please bring a side dish to share, pull up a lawn chair and relax.


Sunday 3ish:

Enter the beer can race!   There is nothing quite as beautiful as seeing a fleet of professionally modified racing beer cans heading for the horizon!  Prizes will be awarded.


Monday, going home: 

To sail with the tide back home we’re going to have to leave kind of early, say 7ish. Can this be right?  If you’d like to leave with Linda and me we could make a grand show of it!

Oh!   Throughout the cruise Linda will have our club’s new 40th year anniversary pennant available. The Pennant measures six inches wide and six feet long, impressive!

Also, I should mention that members NOT flying burgees will be fined $1.00.  I know, it’s harsh, but it’s tradition!

If you did not responded to the e-invite but are coming, please shoot me an e-mail.

If you have ANY questions, call us at:  623-330-6267 or email us at


Linda and I can’t wait to see you at the cruise!