Windseekers Late Spring #3

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May 30th 2012

Windseekers Late Spring #3

          Gardyloo finished; an amazing accomplishment on a night with no wind. Grace E kept up the suspense as she tried to finish the last leg from the bottom mark to the line a mere 300 yards away. That’s 300 yards in forty-five minutes and she couldn’t do it. But nobody else was close. When the two hour time limit expired we gave them a horn anyway. A very hard fought DNF.

In the Windseeker fleet Something Special had the honors as lead boat at the time of my call of horning boats on course (HOC) as they stand. Big thanks to the skippers and crew of Something Special. Horning is very peculiar to Windseekers and if you had waited (15 boats did) and not head for the Dock Street Pub you got to finish the course. However there is a lot to be said for a cold one in a dock side Pub.

From Romeo Charlie the course laid was one of perfection. Wasted however as we needed two more knots of wind. The line was somewhat square to the wind and of a length that seemed goldilocks “just right”. The top mark we could see at times from our anchored position and vision of the line itself was perfection caused by a light wind and a stronger current showing our stern to the line.

We pulled the marks in the dark helped out by Tigger . Tigger pulled the top mark making our work load a little easier. Thanks. Let’s do this again but with a little more wind.



S/V Discovery

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Windseekers May 30th Late Spring 3