Windseekers Late Spring #2

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May 23rd, 2012

Windseekers Late Spring #2

          #@/{>^*! the radio traffic. It got a little busy on Romeo Charlie. Those that were scanning knew the fact that I was in trouble. This is one of those nights when we needed a few more hands, either attached to our bodies or someone else’s. Hopefully it went smooth enough for you the racers. We had a few requests for “what’s the course” but VTS and big ships and big tugs come first. Remember, we announce the course when we first get to Romeo Charlie (about 1815/1820) and then again at 1845 on VHF 68 and of course at the 1800 skippers meeting. Big thanks to Mark and Cindy for putting up with me when my hair goes afire.

PHRF II is becoming “THE” hot division. Seven boats “all in” on a pre Swiftsure night, a night that looked a little gloomy as we came out of our webbed-foot weather period. Congrats to Dana and her crew on that damn Red boat, the Radiant, for holding off the likes of Flim-Flam, Slither, Kiss and Something Special all in hot pursuit.

Gardyloo came by the RC boats stern begging to do the course again, something about 13.4 knots. Yes, we had a little wind and they looked really fast under chute reaching from the pink Flamingo to the Blair buoy. Melange looked fast also but got a little snookered by big boat traffic coming out of the Blair. They took the freighters stern in a most proper seamanship like way, which made the reach to the finish awful tight, but they hung on to their chute all the way from Blair to the line putting on a real show for the RC.

With the Windseeker division sailing a shorter course with different angles than the PHRF boats, it looked fun / different for everyone. Something Special finished the course in less than one hour the only boat that got gipped out of their race fee. For their 5 bucks they paid $5.04 per hour and in contrast Tha Gaol paid $3.49 per hour of racing. See…doesn’t always pay to be first. Close behind in Windseekers was Blue Jay with a very fast time of 1:04:45. Class C’s Gypsy Queen also posted a very fast time as well as Gallia and El Milagro all winning their divisions.

This weekend we sail on Discovery for Gig Harbor and Cutts Island as the RC boat on our Pirate race and cruise. It will be good to be on my own boat for awhile, if she’ll have me back as I’ve been a bit of a boat-whore of late. The boat has fuel, ice, drink and food, ready for the long weekend. Friday night Discovery’s saloon will open at 2000 for sundowners. I know, a little early as the sunsets about 2100. When it comes to drink on a well set hook amidst a calm bay, a little early is probably just fine. And you are all invited.




Billy Carter

Race Chair, Corinthian Yacht Club of Tacoma

S/V Discovery


Windseekers May 23rd Late Spring