WINDSEEKERS SPRING #5 Race and Series Results

Racers Dribble

MAY 9th, 2012



Sailors are a resourceful lot and this race adds to the proof. The top mark picked up anchor and was seen floating off towards the Ram Pub presumably for beer and burger. These facts found after Romeo Charlie was tied to the dock, but now on to the race.


One should never DSQ the Commodore but that’s what I had to do. In the PHRF start Grace E and Melange were both over early (OCS) and the hail went out on 68 of that fact. Melange got it, went back, cleared, and placed second to Gardyloo by 12.6 seconds on corrected time. Grace E however just kept smoking up the course OCS looking really fast. Tigger, Dan Walkers new boat made its Windseekers debut and I’m sure we’ll see the fast looking tiger striped boat out often in the future. Jeopardy and First Dance were not far off the pace in PHRF-I with less than 100 seconds separating first from fourth on corrected time. Gardyloo won the series with a tiebreaker on this last race and one point lay between first and third in the series.


In PHRF-II the Flim Flam is back after their big win at PSSR, hopefully we can keep them here in Tacoma for a while. Slither and Radiant where the show with Slither posting their 53.9-second corrected win. For the series Slither took first by one point over Special Purpose.


Aleshanee the scratch boat in PHRF-III finished ahead of Syzygy, Wild Thing and Windchild by enough time to secure a first place finish. In the series Syzygy took the win by one point over Windchild.


In Windseekers Class A Obsession secured her series win with a first in this race in front of Phantom. Welcome back Phantom to Windseekers, great to see the Phantom (of the river) out and sailing well. Blue Moon placed second in the series and Shockwave third in the big boat Class A Windseeker division.


Windseekers Class B, WOW! Tight might be the only way to describe this. Blown Away II, Blue Jay and Klatawa finished 36 seconds apart in race 5 and in series scoring Blown Away II won with a last race tiebreaker over Blue Jay and a one point win over third place Klatawa.


If this isn’t enough close racing, there’s more in Windseekers C as 81 seconds was the difference between first place Gypsy Queen and fourth place Lagniappe with First Light and Tatoosh in between. Gypsy Queen won the series in another tiebreaker with Margo while First Light numbered only one point back in the series.

More closeness continued in Windseeker Class D with a 36 second split between first place Gallia and third place Windsong with Dulcinea 19 seconds off in second place. Gallia however crushed the competition with three wins for the series. I’d expect to see Gallia racing in C class next week. New Windseeker splits will be called after the May 16th Late Spring Series Race #1.


In Class E there is a Giant and a Jack. The Jack? That’s El Milagro. The Giant? That’s the 37-foot Tha Gaol. Sixteen seconds separated the 37-foot Tha Gaol with the 24-foot El Milagro with El Milagro taking the first. Red Bonz took the battle of 27-footers besting the 27-foot Cal, Sirena Gorda. In the E Class Series it was all El Milagro with four first, Tha Gaol placed second and Red Bonz third.


Now, we had the five-minute head start PHRF boats do a two-lap course and the Windseekers finishing after just one lap. It seemed to work. Only one Windseeker, Sirena Gorda got lapped by just two boats Gardyloo and Melange and held off a lapping by Jeopardy. Now I know that there are friendships and cross-crewing going on between Jeopardy and Sirena Gorda, but when Sirena Gorda held off Jeopardy’s intended lapping by 5 seconds, from the yells you would of thought the last placed Windseeker had just won the America’s Cup.


Wind lacking in our last two events kicked in with a glorious 5 to 15 knot Tyee Typhoon and everyone finished their respective courses under the time limits despite the for stated top mark picking up and leaving. We on the RC had no idea of the wayward 5.5-foot bright yellow missing pinnacle until after the event. You guys and gals of Windseekers, resourceful sailors all and a well placed big orange-ball crab pot made it work.


The Mark was found the next day floating loose in the middle of the bay none the worst for the ware by our own Mark Stopka. Mark found the Mark. Couldn’t resist.







Billy Carter

Race Chair CYCT

Windseekers MAY 9th 2012 SPRING Results