Windseekers May 16 Late Spring

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Windseekers Late Spring #1

May 16th, 2012

            The Pink Flamingo was uncooperative; the next step would have been duct tape. However, he/she (not sure) managed to stay tied to the Restaurant Ball long enough. We are hoping it’ll nest there for a few more races this year. A Ball marked by a Pink Flamingo sure beats counting balls. Since half of them seem to be sinking creating serious accounting problems.

We had thirty-eight boats on the line, seventeen in PHRF and Twenty-one in Windseekers. The line got a little tight due to the proximity of the log-boom. We’ll try to do a better job next time. Everyone seemed to get off in proper order. Tigger was OCS in PHRF but quickly exonerated herself and the Windseekers were all clear. We tried to make this course a windward-leeward affair and I think we were fairly successful. We had boats going on both tacks shortly after the start and the Spinnakers flew all the way across the bay. Some in the Windseeker classes went Wing & Wing. From the RC’s perspective it was a very pretty night.


With the Sunshine lasting a little longer for this series and the next, the time limit has been bumped up to two (2) hours. All Thirty-eight boats crossed the finish line and the last boat had twenty minutes to spare; more of a testimonial on the 5 to 10 knots of Wind. Therefore there was no need to Horn anyone on course.

Of note is the return of a few more boats that we have all become very familiar with. Welcome back Something Special, French Kiss, Silver Breeze, Lucia and their crews.




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