Windseekers Spring #4

Racers Dribble

MAY 2nd, 2012



Wind is a nice thing to have in Sailboat Racing. Maybe we’ll have some next week. When racing Discovery on a Wednesday evening I would always tell the crew to get the sails up quick and let’s go sailing. Even if the start was 45 minutes away. “ Sail when you can cause maybe we’ll be parked by start time.” that’s the motto aboard. Well, that’s the way in went this Wednesday. Plenty of wind in prestart and nothing after the start flags went down.


The course went to the Silver Cloud Hotel on the other side of the Bay, but we shortened the trip over by moving the start line between the Blair and Sitcom Waterways. This is also safer from a Containership perspective. But, we had to shorten the race at the first mark because of the conditions; the wind crapped but not as bad as last week. With the big yellow mark and all of the sailboats heading their way a spectator gallery of about fifteen people collected on the rails of the Hotel. Maybe we should hand out programs.


Grace E must really like light air as they took line honors for the second light air race in a row and corrected to a 109 second win over 2nd place Wild thing. Melange sneaked under the time limit with 12 seconds to spare as the last PHRF boat to finish. Real finishing boats went up to seven from last weeks four. Twelve Windseeker boats were horned on course. And for the second race in a row Obsession almost finished in the 90-minute time limit. Thirty-two boats hit the start line, a season high, Thanks! And No Rain!


As for Romeo Charlie she’s running fine…almost perfect. I think last weeks little hiccup was caused by excessive moisture on all things mechanical. Thanks to Jerry Brennen for his hard work as our floating asset manager keeping her running. And lets give big thanks to Jane and Mark for their RC work.


Check out the results and standings, we have some real close contests and remember, the last race in a series is the tiebreaker.




Billy Carter

Race Chair CYCT



Windseekers MAY 2nd 2012 SPRING 4