Man Overboard Drill

CYCT will conduct a hands on Man Overboard drill on Sunday June 24 from noon to 3 PM.  The hands on activity will be followed by refreshments and a lessons learned discussion on the dock at the CYCT clubhouse in Tyee Marina.  As we look forward to cruising and racing, this is good time to remind ourselves of how to excute this potentially lifesaving task.

 Please remember this is an opportunity for you and your crew to practice these skills.  This is NOT a training event.  The following video links provide some excellent education resources on this important subject.  I encourage you AND your crews to review these videos to familiarize yourselves with these procedures.  Also take note of the equipment needed to carry out a recovery of an overboard crew member.  Do you have these resources on your boat?  Last year we had a boat withdraw from the exercise when they realized they did not have the equipment need to affect a rescue on the boat.

 This is the LifeSling 2011 video: (I believe it was released after our Sept MOB drill last year)

 This link describes the procedures for sailing back to an overboard crew member:

 These are additional MOB videos that you may find informative:

If you plan to participate in this exercise please advise Chuck Welter, CYCT Education Chair by email to or by phone at 253 381 3737 so he will know how many boats to plan for.  Owners are encouraged to bring their crews to this activity so everyone gets to practice these important skills.  Wives are also encouraged to rescue their husbands (or at least throw them overboard).

We are also recruiting MOB Victims to help conduct this training.  The requirements to be a victim are that you must wear a dry suit or other suitable gear to play the role and be willing to get thrown off of boats repeatedly and dragged back aboard.  Again if you are willing to help conduct this exercise, please contact Chuck so he will know who to count on.