Windseekers Spring #2

Racers Dribble

APRIL 18th, 2012


Wow! Amazing what a little sun will do. Twenty-nine boats hit the line Wednesday night. That’s a large, fun, turn out, and please keep it up. The course called I thought might be a bit much. Wrong. Gardyloo smoked it in Twenty-seven minutes and fifty seconds sailing from the Tyee Marina to a mark off the “Madrona Trees” then the Green Hylebos Buoy and back to the line. The line was classic Windseekers (not my best) and it was heard from on boat, “yeah…you can’t start on Starboard.” Which we replied, “try Port”.

The course did have a couple of good things going for it. One an Evergreen Line Container ship out of the Blair Waterway. And the other good thing was a car-hauler out of the Sitcom Waterway. Since the called course kept the fleet smacked to the beach the “big boy” traffic was never a challenge. Did I mention we had a bulk carrier on Anchor really close to the pin end that all twenty-nine boats took it to Port on the down-wind/reach to the Hylebos Buoy? Windseekers. The timing in the end worked out just fine; as the RC crew jerked the last pin as darkness fell.


Look for a split course in the future sending the PHRF boats on a longer course. This should work but I need just a bit more sunshine to get the RC back before the Bars close. This also must be well thought-out for safety concerns. And we are probably four/five weeks away from a bash to the Restaurants, weather conditions (wind) permitting.


This is the first non-email race result/dribble report. From now on it’s The web is under a bit of a change, but I’m assured that this will work.


Thanks; Hope to see all on the Water next Wednesday!





Billy Carter

Race Chair CYCT


PS: Discovery is back in the water!


Windseekers Apr 18th 2012 SPRING