Racers Dribble

APRIL 25th, 2012



Now that’s more like it. Sun is really overrated. Torrential rain just seems to make a cozy cabin that much more inviting. The threat of death by electrocution is the stuff of Spencer Tracy, Old man and the sea stuff. We had that Wednesday night. Along with no wind and enough current to push the fleet to Browns Point and beyond. Character building or idiot training (I apologize to all idiots in advance for referencing them in the same status as sailors) I’m not sure, which is more appropriate.


Now to the race, the time limit is 90 minutes for this series and Grace E taking line honors completed the shortened course in 87 minutes & 20 seconds. 45 seconds later Special Purpose crossed the line followed by Gardyloo 21 seconds after that. The last to cross was Melange with 1 minute and 9 seconds left on the time limit. Jeopardy was close; we could actually see her ghosting in the dark mist. Seeing a boat…that’s close. We tried to call this race short at the top mark up by the Madrona trees but pulling anchor took some time and then Romeo Charlie got exasperated with the RC crew when we tried to make her go fast. For a boat she doesn’t seem to like water. Well, we called it at the second mark placed between the Blair Waterway and the U.S. Army Reserve Dock.


Windseekers of course can be HOC’d (horned on Course) and the horning began. Not far from the line (we couldn’t see the boat but the Nav Lights shined bright) was Obsession taking a first in the Windseeker Fleet. However, Obsession and Windsong both were over early and by Windseeker rule 2 points are added to their scores; current pushed both boats over early. Obsession got close to finishing in the allotted time but we on the RC boat really wanted to go do some more horning and pull three pins in the dark. The horning process continued with the help of the VHF till all where horned. El Milagro was found off Tyee and the last boats were found drifting of Browns Point. I think we got them all and maybe not in the correct order according to everyone’s perspective, but got nonetheless.


Hope to see you May 2nd,






Billy Carter

Race Chair CYCT

Windseekers Apr 25th 2012 SPRING 3