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2015 Spring Singlehand/Doublehand – April 18

2015 Spring Singlehand/Doublehand Results

Volunteering Opportunity – Cruise Host

In 2015 CYCT will sponsor ten cruises and every cruise needs a Cruise Host, someone to choose a location and plan events.  Your contact couple for this volunteering opportunity are Fleet Captains-Cruising Rich and Angie Morales. Probably 60% of a Cruise Hosts job is done just by choosing a location and getting CYCT members together. 

Volunteering Opportunity – Membership Chair

The CYCT member, or member couple, who occupies the Membership Chair position, is a member of the Board of Trustees, the governing body of CYCT. Since the beginning of 2015 the club has been without a Membership Chair and so the Board as a whole has taken over membership responsibilities. Article VI, Section 10, of


The Coast Guard would like all boaters, including skippers and crew to be aware of the following restrictions. PUGET SOUND ORCA WHALE AVOIDANCE ADDENDUM Washington State Law, RCW 77.15.740 makes it illegal to: Cause a vessel or other object to approach, in any manner, within two hundred yards of a southern resident orca whale; Position

April 13 General Meeting

April’s General Meeting is on Monday April 13th, 6 p.m. social hour, 7 p.m. meeting. Our guest speaker this month is Alex, the owner of Ballard Sails. Ballard Sails has been creating quite a buzz offering lower cost sails and service for both cruisers and racers from a local loft. Hope to see you Monday!

Windseeker Spring #3 Results – April 22, 2015

Spring Windseekers 3 Results 4-22-2015

Below — Fleet Captain-Racing Don Kimball and Cyndi Larrison making CYCT racing look good!  (Photo by Clyde Lovett via Publicity Chair Cindy Craig.)


2015 Spring Singlehand/Doublehand – April 18

2015 Spring Singlehand/Doublehand Results

Racing Results – Spring Windseeker #2, Apr 15

Spring Windseekers 2 04-15-2015 (Corrected)

May 1st CYCT Dock Zero Party on Opening Day

CYCT is hosting a dock party at the Seattle Yacht Club on dock zero, Friday May 1st.  Opening Day is one of the largest maritime events in the U.S. and a lot will be going on!  Come and support your club, meet-up with your CYCT friends and enjoy the atmosphere.  For more information about this event you can contact Paul Case at paulrc40@yahoo.com or Ron Holbrook at ronrolbrook@comcast.net

April 25 – Paint the Clubhouse!

We’re asking the entire membership to come and help support our efforts to make the clubhouse shine!  Please come at either 9:00 a.m., 12:00 Noon or 3:00 p.m. on Saturday April 25th and stay for at least three hours.  People to help with food etc would also be appreciated.  For more info about this event please contact Ken St John at kennethstjohn@gmail.com.